A long time coming…

I have to decided to dive in to blogging, again. It has been a while. I can’t remember the last time I’ve written a post and what it was all about.

So, here I am. After put it on hold I’ve sat down and made a whole plan on what to write exactly on a daily basis. It’s quite nice to actually have a laid out plans otherwise my thoughts are just scattered all over the place.

Mondays will be more on the small things. Small as in Macro: Macro Mondays.

Tuesdays are for cooking, baking… anything that sounds tasty. “Tasty Tuesday”

Wednesdays will be anything I can whipped up quickly. Whether it will knitting or scrapbooking. “Whipped Up Wednesday”.

Tackle Thursdays should something ideas or projects that needs solutions.

Fridays are for anything I finished that day or week. “Finished Friday”.

Saturdays? Sundays? Weekend? I’m not sure yet. I may just take these days easy. I am pretty sure these will take up most of my time.

This blogging will require a lot of my time. I hope I can keep up with this. Cross my fingers.

Love, Cathy

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